The A – Z of Hockey Memorabilia

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Here is a fun list of the A-Z of Hockey Memorabilia.  Let us know your thoughts. Are we missing anything?

Here we go!

A –  Authenticity, Athlete, Autograph, Assist

B –   Boards, Breakaway, Blueline, Blackhawks, Blues, Bruins, Blue Jackets, Bobby Hull, Bobby Orr, Borje Salming

C    Cards, Crease, Collection, Centre, Checking, Canadiens, Capitals, Coyotes

D   Display, Defenseman, Devils, Ducks, Dave Keon, Doug Gilmour, Darryl Sittler

E –   Event, Expos, Enforcer

F –   Fan, Forward, Faceoff, Forechecking, Flyers, Flames, Frank Mahovlich

G –  Goaltender, Goal crease, Goal line, Gordie Howe, Grant Fuhr

H –  Hobby, Hockey, Hall of Fame, Hat-trick, High sticking, Holding, Hooking, Hurricanes

I –    Ice, Investment, Injury, Interference, Islanders

J –    Jerseys, Jets, Johnny Bauer, Jean Beliveau

K –   Kings, Ken Dryden, King Clancy

L –   League, Left wing, Linesman, Lightning, Lanny McDonald

M – Misconduct, Memorabilia, Maple Leafs, Mario Lemieux, Mark Messier, Mats Sundin

N –  NHL, Neutral zone, Netminder

O –  Offensive zone, Overtime, Open net, Olympic hockey, O-Pee-Chee, Oilers

P –   Puck, Photograph, Player, Playoff, Penalty, Power play, Penguins, Panthers, Predators,

Paul Coffey, Phil Esposito, Paul Henderson, Patrick Roy

Q –  Quick whistle

R –   Rookie, Right wing, Rebound, Referee, Rink, Rangers, Red Wings, Red Kelly, Rocket Richard

S –   Sticks, Save, Score, Shot, Shootout, Shortside, Slapshot, Stickhandling, Stanley Cup, Sabres, Sharks, Senators, Stars, Stanley Mikita, Sidney Crosby

T –   Team, Trade, Topps, Tripping, Tim Horton, Terry Sawchuk

U –  Uniform, Upper Deck

V –  Value, Vintage

W – Wild winger, Wrap around, Wayne Gretzky

X –  

Y –   Yzerman, Steve

Z –   Zone, Zamboni

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Dallas Stars Forward Tyler Seguin – Slap Shot Signatures Player Profile

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Dallas Stars forward Tyler Seguin was born January 31, 1992 in Brampton, Ontario and grew up in Whitby, Ontario.  He is currently a centre for the National Hockey League (NHL) team Dallas Stars.  Seguin was selected second overall in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft by the Boston Bruins and went on to win the 2011 Stanley Cup in his rookie season.  He finished 2011 – 2012 season as the Bruins’ leading scorer.

During the 2012 – 2013 NHL lockout, Seguin played for EHC Biel of the Swiss National League A (NLA) scoring 25 goals and 15 assists in 29 games.  Seguin also played for Team Canada at the 2012 Spengler Cup in December 2012, where he won a gold medal with the team.  When the lockout ended, the NHL played a shortened 48-game season in 2013 in which Seguin finished the regular season with 32 points (16 goals and 16 assists).

Tyler Seguin Signed Photo - Dallas Stars 8x10

On July 4 2013, Tyler Seguin was traded to the Dallas Stars.

Since the jersey #19 has been retired by the Stars, Seguin changed his number to 91 when he joined Dallas.  He ended the 2013 – 2014 season ranked fourth in total points scored, setting a new career-high in goals (37) and points (84) from 80 games.

During the 2014 – 2015 NHL season, Seguin scored 37 goals to go with 40 assists, reaching the 30-goal mark for the second consecutive season.

Here is an interesting fact, As the result of one of his best friends suffering a severe spinal cord injury in December 2012, Seguin founded Seguin’s Stars upon arriving in Dallas. At every Stars home game during the season, Seguin donated a luxury suite, along with food and beverage, for individuals with spinal cord injuries. At the conclusion of every game, Seguin met his guests outside of the Stars’ locker room for autographs and pictures

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6 Tips For Displaying Your Hockey Memorabilia

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The problem often has to deal with finding creative and attractive ways to display memorabilia into a space that perhaps wasn’t designed to hold so much.

  1. Sort the items by frame style, black and white versus colour, sport/subject, etc.
  2. Determine whether any items need special display (jerseys, pucks, etc.). You can purchase pre-made shadow boxes for jerseys or have them custom framed.  Specialty cases such as glass display cases for items like hockey sticks may be needed.  Pucks can be displayed in cases or cubes.  Some cubes are designed for mounting and others for desk or shelf display.
  3. Make sure you have the correct hanging hardware especially for heavier pieces. You can purchase these from your local hardware store.
  4. Lay things out on a table or other large surface. Start with the largest piece first and build your display around that.  It is helpful to take a photo of the arrangement you have laid out.
  5. The recommended height for hanging artwork is approximately 5 ft at the center.
  6. Be aware of the damage that can be caused by light. Take extra time and effort to make sure that you have proper lighting in your display areas, and that nothing in your collection is being subjected to direct sunlight or UV rays.

It is important to buy a case that is designed specifically for the item(s) you are storing.  A display case made of glass is considered to be the best way to protect sports memorabilia and offers it the most protection.  Glass provides very strong protection against outside dangers and harmful ultraviolet rays, which might cause signed collectibles to fade or discolour.

Collectors with young children or pets may want to opt for an acrylic case.  Just like the glass display cases, one made of acrylic typically provides the same protection and repels UV rays without the risk of shattering.

Display cases should be protective but also offer an attractive way to allow you to share and admire your collection.  Since you don’t want your collection to shift or move around, a good display case should supply a built-in cradle or stand for secured placement.  The shelf should also position the collectible in a way in which it can be seen from all angles.

To enhance the visibility of a sports collectible, many display cases can have either a clear back or a mirrored back to allow for a view of the complete piece(s).  Some deluxe display cases have a mirrored bottom so that the entire item can be viewed.

Be creative, keep collecting and enjoy your display.

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Toronto Raptors Kyle Lowry – Slap Shot Signatures Player Profile

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Toronto Raptors All Stat Kyle Lowry was born March 25, 1986 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Drafted by the Memphis Grizzlies in 2006, Lowry signed a two year rookie deal and joined the 2006 summer league Roster.

Kyle LowryLowry, was looking forward to a long career in Memphis, however in 2009 he was traded to the Houston Rockets in a three team deal that also included the Orlando Magic. Lowry remained with the Rockets for three and a half seasons with the Rockets going to the post season in 2009. On July 11, 2012, Kyle Lowry was traded to the Toronto Raptors and has become the face of the franchise along with DeMar DeRozan.
Lowry’s tenacious playing style has often earned him comparisons to a pit bull or bulldog, with many citing his toughness, leadership and instinct for winning plays on the court. Lowry is considered a strong rebounder for his position, as well as a determined defender. He holds the Toronto Raptors’ franchise record for triple-doubles, as well as the most made three-point field goals in a season, for the 2013–14 season.

In Kyle Lowry’s young career he is a two time NBA All-Star (2015, 2016), NBA Eastern Conference Player of the Month (December 2014 and January 2016), NBA Eastern Conference Player of the Week (January 27–February 2, 2014; December 1–7, 2014; February 22–28, 2016 and March 14–20, 2016) and NBA Western Conference Player of the Week (March 14-20, 2011) and George Gross Sportsman of the Year Award.

Not only that, Kyle Lowry has been part of the Toronto Raptors past 3 Atlantic Division titles in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Not bad for a player who is in the prime of his career.  Let’s hope that he can help lead the Raptors to their first NBA championship in the not too distant future.

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5 Hockey Collectibles so rare you will never lay your hands upon them

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Most Hockey collections start off the same way. A young tyke is given a hockey card or catches a wayward puck while seeing a game with their dad. Perhaps their first set of tickets kept in an envelope or even framed on their wall.

Small and simple is how a great collection starts. Only through time and dedication can you build an amazing collection, and with a keen eye, you might even strike hockey gold!

Every collection needs a holy grail. That one piece that really gets peoples attention when they walk in the room. In an effort to inspire you to get your hands on your very own hockey grail, we have researched the 5 most valuable hockey collectibles that are known or rumored to exist.

You will most likely never get the chance to share the same space as some of these objects in your lifetime, but the list may inspire you to track down the next big thing.

So without further adieu, we present to you (in no specific order) 5 Super Rare Hockey Collectibles.

Paul Henderson’s jersey from the epic Canada-USSR series

Paul Henderson Hockey Jersey
In 2012, the hockey jersey worn by Paul as he scored the winning goal in the ’72 Summit Series against the Soviets sold for 1.275 Million dollars at auction. Never before has a jersey sold for more money, and it will likely be many years before another defining hockey moment as significant as that Summit Series goal takes place.

Guinness listed the jerseys sale under a specific hockey category, but it is believed to be the most expensive jersey ever auctioned off for any sport.

The ’72 Summit Series jerseys is therefore solidified as one of the most elite hockey collectibles, certainly by price, but more so through it’s ties to Canadian hockey history.

1912-13 Imperial Tobacco C57 PSA-Graded Complete 50-Card Hockey Set

imperial tobacco hockey cards
When it comes to collectibles, cards have always held a special place in the hearts of many sports fans. While modern cards are printed in massive quantities, older collections can be much harder to assemble. Finding the right cards from the right year and in a good enough quality to be proud of displaying can be incredibly difficult.

For that reason alone, we include 1912-13 Imperial Tobacco collection, printed over 100 years ago, collected individually to complete a full set. With attention to detail, the collector has aquired a hall of fame lineup of early hockey heroes, including: Spraque Cleghorn, Percey LeSueur, Art Ross, and most coveted of all, Georges Vezina as the sets first numbered card.

Will anything that you own still be around in 100 years? It is amazing that these cards have been cherished and preserved for so long. The rarity of this complete collection is incredible and it’s quality is rivaled by only a precious few items.

The Oldest Hockey Stick Ever (‘Moffatt stick’)

moffatt stick
Found in a barber shop in Nova Scotia, purchased for $1000 and sold for $300,000 it didn’t even really look like a hockey stick. As it turns out, the stick was handcrafted from a single piece of sugar maple by a member of the Moffatt family somewhere between 1835 and 1838 in Cape Breton.

This amazing hockey collectible now belongs to the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau becasue it trancends being simply a hockey heirloom. It is a piece of Canadiana and it is indeed being celebrated.

Old is often good when it comes to hockey collectibles. The rarity of such an item is directly tied to it’s perceived value.

The other Oldest Hockey Stick Ever ( ‘Rutherford stick’ )

rutherford stick
Before the Moffatt stick was discovered, the Rutherford stick was the oldest known piece of hockey history. Believed to have been carved between 1852 and 1856, this stick was put up for auction way back in 2001 for $2.2 million dollars. At one point it had a rumored value of over $4 million.

The final price tag, or exactly when this treasure exchanged hands is not known. The current owner remains anonymous and because of this, there are whispers of doubt floating about it’s authenticity. The Hockey Hall of Fame however, has put the stick on display which should be viewed as a good sign.

Real or fake, having the Rutherford stick in your collection takes things to a whole new level.

Wayne Gretzky, 1979 O-Pee-Chee BVG 9.5

Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card
He is the Great One – he is Wayne Gretzky. Regarded as probably the greatest player ever to grace the ice, Gretzky set records that players continue to chase to this day.

Being such a highly respected player, it is no mystery why he has the most highly coveted hockey card. Graded at a 9.5, this specific card is valued at close to $100k. It is very rare, with only a handful of other cards in existence that can compare in quality.

There you go, 5 ultra rare hockey collectibles that you will never lay your hands upon. So what new treasures will you discover? Do not get dicouraged, build your collection with items from your favorite teams, players and moments in hockey history. One day you may stumble on something that is just for you, something very few others can possess… your hockey grail!

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Great Moments in St Louis Blues Team History

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Last year’s Stanley Cup playoffs were an interesting one for sure.  Outside of Pittsburgh no one really thought the remaining 3 teams (San Jose, St Louis and Tampa Bay Lightning) would still be around at that time.  In this blog we will focus on the top 4 moments of the St Louis Blues.  Again, this is our list and you may have your own top 4 moments, which we would love to hear.  Here we go:

st louis blues logo

1) October 11, 1967 – The franchise’s first game and home game. The St Louis Blues and Minnesota North Stars played to a 2-2 tie at the St. Louis Arena. The Blues boasted a lineup of veteran players including Al Arbour, Red Berenson, Terry Crisp and Dickie Moore to name a few.  This team reached the Stanley Cup Finals that season against the Montreal Canadiens.

2) May 12, 1986 –The Monday Night Miracle – Winger Greg Paslawski scored two late third period goals to send Game 6 of the Conference Finals into overtime against the Calgary Flames. St Louis Blues Centre Doug Wickenheiser was the overtime the hero, scoring the game winner in to complete arguably the most remarkable comeback in Blues history.

3) 1999-2000 Season – The St Louis Blues claim the first President’s Trophy in team history when they finish the year with a 51-20-11-1 record, good for 114 points.  This is a franchise first for the team.

4) November 29, 2000 The St Louis Blues came back from a 5-0 deficit in the third period to beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 6-5 in overtime. It was only the second time a team has come back such a large deficit in the third period to win a game. The Blues scored their six goals in 15 minutes and 27 seconds, making it the fastest time a team has come back from a five-goal deficit in NHL history. This line-up bolstered players such as Pierre Turgeon, Al MacInnis, Chris Pronger and the late Pavol Dimitra to name a few.

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Boston Bruins Legend Phil Esposito – Slap Shot Signatures Player Profile

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Phil Esposito was born February 20, 1942 in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.

He is a broadcaster, and former professional hockey executive, coach and player (centre).  He played 18 seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL) for the Chicago Blackhawks, Boston Bruins and New York Rangers and is considered to be one of the best to have played in the NHL.

Phil Esposito signed with the Chicago Blackhawks as a teenager but didn’t make his NHL debut until midway through the 1964 season.  Beginning in the 1965 season, he centered for Bobby Hull and proved himself a quality player, twice finishing among the League-leading scorers over the next three seasons.

In 1967, he was traded to the Boston Bruins where he grew into the greatest scorer of his day.  In 1969, Esposito became the first NHL player to score 100 points in a season.  In 1970 he was a single point shy but reached triple digits again in the next five years running.

Phil Esposito was awarded the Art Ross Trophy as the top regular season scorer in 1969 and 1971 to 1974, and led the league in goals six straight seasons between 1969 – 1970 and 1974 – 1975.

Esposito was named to the NHL’s First All-Star Team six consecutive times from 1969 – 1974 and won the Hart Memorial Trophy as the NHL’s most valuable player in 1969 and 1974.

He was best known for his immovable presence in front of the opposing teams net where he could score from all angles.


During his prime, Esposito centered one of the most well known forward lines in history with Ken Hodge on his right wing and Wayne Cashman on his left.  Esposito and Bobby Orr led the Boston Bruins to win the Stanley Cup in 1970 and 1972, and first place finishes in the League in 1971, 1972 and 1974.

During 1970 – 1971, Esposito shattered the record for most goals in a season with 76.  This record stood until 1982 when Wayne Gretzky scored his 77th, 78th and 79th goals.  Esposito presented the game puck to Gretzky.  Esposito also set the single season point-scoring record in 1971 with 152.  This was also raised by Gretzky later on.  The 1970 season also saw Phil Esposito break the single season mark for shots on goal at 550.

After the Summit Series, where Esposito was the inspirational leader for Canada and the leading scorer in the series, he won the 1972 Lou Marsh Trophy as Canada’s outstanding male athlete of the year and was made an Officer of the Order of Canada.

He also played for Canada in the inaugural Canada Cup in 1976 and represented Canada in the 1977 World Championships.

In 1975 – 1976, Esposito was traded to the New York Rangers.  As captain of the Rangers he led the team in points each of his full seasons with the team.  The highlight of his time with the Rangers was leading them to the Stanley Cup Final in 1979.  At 37 years of age, Esposito finished third in post-season scoring.

On November 4, 1977, Phil Esposito scored his 600th NHL goal becoming the first player in a Rangers uniform to reach that milestone.

Esposito was the first player in NHL history to score 1,000 points in a decade (the 70’s) and holds the record for shots on goal in a single season with 550 in 1970 – 1971.

Esposito retired in 1981 as the second leading all time NHL goal and point scorer, and third in assists.

After retiring, Esposito became Head Coach and General Manager of the New York Rangers for three years.

He co-founded the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning.

Phil Esposito was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1984.  On December 3, 1987 his #7 jersey was retired by the Boston Bruins.

Esposito was the principal studio analyst for the NHL on Fox from 1995 – 1998.  He now serves as Tampa Bay’s radio color commentator and also co-hosts a daily call-in show.

He was inducted into the Ontario Sports Hall of Fame in 2004; inducted into the Sault Ste Marie Walk of Fame in 2007; received a star on the Italian Walk of Fame in Toronto in 2009.  On December 31, 2011 a statue was unveiled in front of the Tampa Bay Times Forum (now Amalie Arena) in his honor.

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Slap Shot Signatures Top 5 All Time NHL Defensemen

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Regular Season, Playoff Games and even the Stanley Cup  are won by a mixture of solid forwards and larger than life defense and stellar goaltending.  There are hundreds of defensemen who have played in the NHL over the years.  Some we have never had the opportunity to see play and others that are still playing in the NHL today.  Here is our All Time Top 5 Defensemen  in the NHL past and present.  Would you pick these 5 or do you have your own list?

bobby orr all star nhl

1)  Bobby Orr – Bobby Orr is a living legend who redefined what this position could do.  Joining Rushes or creating his own he was always in play! Winning eight consecutive Norris Trophies (1968-75), three Hart Trophies (1970-72) and  two Art Ross Trophies (1969-70 and 1974-75) Bobby Orr is the most accomplished defenseman of all time. Of course, who can forget “The Goal”?

2) Ray Bourque – Bourque is the all-time leader amongst defensemen in goals with 410, assists with 1,169 and points 1,579. After 2 cup finals, 19 All Star Selections with the Boston Bruins, Bourque was traded to the Colorado Avalanche to try once for that elusive Stanley Cup. Winning the Cup in 2001 not only was a highlight in his career but a highlight for any hockey fan!

3) Paul Coffey – No defenseman since Bobby Orr has been as gifted. On the Oilers, the smooth-skating Coffey was deadly on the power play or the rush as a fourth man, he took advantage on chances produced by the likes of Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier and Jari Kurri After winning three Cups with Edmonton, he added another with the Penguins in 1991, making him one of the fortunate few to play with both Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux in their heydays.

4) Nicklas Lidstrom – 2015 Hall of Famer Nicklas Lidstrom, was called the perfect hockey player, a testament to his offensive skills, defense, overall acumen and gentlemanly play. This four-time Stanley Cup winner with 1,142 career points (264 goals and 878 assists) and seven Norris Trophies was perhaps the least likely superstar to make a careless error or costly play. During his 20 year career with the Red Wings he never missed the post season.

5) Doug Harvey – Described as the game’s greatest defenseman by the legendary late Jean Believeau, Doug Harvey was known for his superb skating and passing skills. He won the Norris Trophy seven times (55,56,57,58,60,61 and 62) and was named to the NHL All-Star team 11 times. He was a key player for the Montreal Canadiens on six Stanley Cup championship teams, including their record five in a row (1956-60), before moving on to the New York Rangers when Montreal traded him in 1961 as punishment for helping to organize the players’ association.

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Our Top 6 Vintage NHL Jerseys

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We get asked all the time, what are your favorite NHL Jerseys.  To be honest while the Reebok (soon to be Adidas) jerseys designs are great and fans do love them , we love the old style jerseys worn when we were younger.

You may agree or disagree with ours but this is our personal preference, your top 6 may be totally different and that’s ok. We’d love to hear your top 6. For the time being here is ours:

Toronto St Pats:

Toronto StPats vintage hockey jerseyFrom 1919 to 1927 the Toronto Maple Leafs were known as the Toronto St. Pats as Toronto was mostly an Irish population during that time. We know the history of Conn Smythe and how they became the Leafs (we will save that for another day). On March 2 2002, the leafs wore this vintage jersey as part of the 75th anniversary celebration! This jersey come is at number one on our list.

Boston Bruins:

boston bruins vintage hockey jerseyWorn from 1976 to 1995 this jersey has been worn by a number of the Bruins greats.  From Espositio, Orr, Park, Cheevers and later Bourque, Neely and Middleton, the Bruins were often the team to beat based on talent and aggression.  Their traditional away jersey comes in as our number two pick in our list.

Chicago Blackhawks:

chicago blackhawks red vintage hockey jerseyNot much has changed from the 50’s right up to today.  The striping might be slightly differ and the logo as changed over the years but the design has been intact for over 60 years.  Fans young and old in Canada and the US have always had a spot for the Blackhawks and today is still one of the best selling jerseys! Our number three

Detroit Red Wings:

detroit red wings red vintage hockey jerseyFrom 1983 to present day the Detroit Jerseys has had very few alterations. Great players from Howe, Yzerman, Lidstrom etc have worm the winged Wheel of the Red Wings! Our number four on the list!

Toronto Maple Leafs:

toronto-maple-leafs-vintage-hockey-jerseyThe last time the leafs got a number one pick was in 1985. That player was? Wendel Clark.  This was the jersey worn by him at the beginning of his careers.  I know what you’re thinking, why this one?  The leafs were not a very good team, however some leaf greats wore this style including Sittler, Clark and even Doug Gilmour before going to the style worn in 1992-93.  Our number five.

Los Angeles Kings:

la kings Gretzky vintage hockey jerseyOur final favorite jersey!  The LA Kings wore this style from 1988 to 1998 to coincide with the LA Raiders.  The style was probably the coolest looking jersey in the 90’s and having the greatest hockey player in the world wearing helped with the increased popularity of this jersey!

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Toronto Maple Leafs Legend Wendel Clark– Slap Shot Signatures Player Profile

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Wendel Clark was born October 25, 1966 in Kelvington, Saskatchewan.  He was selected first overall in the 1985 National Hockey League (NHL) Entry Draft by the Toronto Maple Leafs.  His professional career lasted from 1985 to 2000.  During his career, Wendel Clark played for the Maple Leafs (on three separate occasions, captain from 1991-1994), Quebec Nordiques, New York Islanders, Tampa Bay Lightning, Detroit Red Wings and the Chicago Blackhawks.

After Clark’s rookie season, he was names to the NHL All-Rookie Team.  During a game against the Chicago Blackhawks in 1987, Clark suffered a serious back injury when he was cross-checked into the crossbar of his own goal.

During 1992-1993 season, Clark’s second year as captain, the Leafs set team records in wins (44) and points (99) and made the playoffs for the first time in three years.

Wendel Clark gained a reputation for hard-nosed hockey which led to his nickname Captain Crunch.  He was a crowd favorite at Maple Leaf Gardens and won a place in the hearts of Leaf fans.


In June 1994, Clark was traded to the Quebec Nordiques playing the lockout-shortened 1994-1995 season.  After the Nordiques came the Colorado Avalanche but Clark became involved in a contract dispute with the team so before the beginning of the 1995-1996 season, he was traded to the New York Islanders.  Clark played 58 games with the Islanders, but finished the season back in Toronto.  In 1998 Clark signed as a free agent with the Tampa Bay Lightning.  He finished the 1998-1999 season with the Detroit Red Wings.  Later in 1999 Clark signed with the Chicago Blackhawks but only played 13 games with the team.  He then returned to the Maple Leafs in 2000.

Clark is now employed by the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club as a community ambassador and public relations.  He can be seen at almost all Leaf home games.  The Maple Leaf honoured their former captain by raising his jersey number 17 to the rafters on November 22, 2008 at the Air Canada Centre.  He owns two restaurants, Wendel Clark’s Classic Grill & Sports Lounge.

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