Detroit Red Wings Legend Gordie Howe – Slap Shot Signatures Player Profile

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What can you say about Gordie Howe?  Mr Hockey was a true gentlemen and fierce competitor during his playing days.  I was fortunate enough to meet and work with Gordie Howe on a couple of different occasions and looking back now, there are things in life that should not be taken for granted.  For me this includes my time with Mr. Howe.

He was larger than life and a gentle person and great to talk to. To think about it now, I got to spend time with Gordie Howe!!  To listen to him on some of his stories from his playing days and how he appreciated seeing the fans and signing autographs was truly an honour to listen to. He did tell me that the fans are one of the things that kept him going, but family always came first!

I have been fortunate enough to meet with a number of athletes over the years and there have been a few, but there are ones that are a true honour to work with and even just listen to. Gordie Howe is definitely one of the people I’ll never forget that I had that opportunity and look back on those times fondly as that will be an opportunity that I will not have again.

I have a personalized signed photo from Gordie that reads “To Mike, Best Wishes, Gordon Howe #9, 72 HOF and of course “Mr Hockey” and a couple of photos with him, one in particular of him playfully giving me the famous elbow.  The signed photo is in my office and the photo of the elbow is still on my computer not yet printed.  I will need to print it and re-frame it with my signed photo and remember my time with a true legend!

Thank you Mr. Howe for the memories you gave to millions of fans across the world and the memories you gave me. It is something that I will treasure for the rest of my life!

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