1968/1969 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Cards

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1968-1969 the company issued its own set in Canada rather than making and distributing their cards under Topps name.  O-Pee-Chee’s sets would be larger and have more subset and specialty cards.  Also, because they were printed in Canada, the backs would be written in two languages while Topps’ would be English only.

1968/69 O-Pee-Chee hockey card fronts have a horizontal format.  The player picture takes up one-third of the card placed over an artists’ rendition of a generic hockey play.  A team logo is in the upper-right corner.  The bottom area shows the player’s name in the first box, his team city and position in the next box, and his picture was superimposed over the last box.  The backs of the cards are divided into two main sections.  The player’s name was included in a white stripe along the top, and the card number inside a puck-shaped icon in the upper-left.  A box on the left includes a cartoon about the player, and the box on the right gives his position and team city followed by a short biography in both English and French as well as a single line of stats from the previous season.

The complete set features 216 hockey cards.  All 12 teams are included in the set.  Card 193 features Keith McCreary and can be found with or without a number.  This error is much more valuable.  Cards 199 through 210 feature All-Star players and cards 211 through 216 showed the players who won the different awards the previous season.  there are also two checklist cards in the set.

Notable rookies include Bernie Parent, Mickey Redmond, Gary Smith, Garry Unger, Danny Grant, Bob Plager and Les Binkley.

Key Cards:      Bobby Orr #2 (highest valued card)

Checklist #61

Checklist #121

Bobby Orr All-Star #200

Bobby Orr/Norris Trophy #214

Rookie Cards in the set are:

#27      Ron Harris                         #36       Real Lemieux                    #37     Bill White

#38      Gord Labossiere               #39       Ted Irvine                          #41     Dale Rolfe

#42      Lowell MacDonald           #52       Danny Grant                     #53     Andre Boudrais

#54      Ray Cullen                         #64       Mickey Redmond             #70     Al Hamilton

#83      John Brenneman             #89       Bernie Parent                    #93     John Miszuk

#95      Leon Rochefort                #98       Ed Hoekstra                       #100   Les Binkley

#112    Bob Plager                        #117     Gary Sabourin                  #119    Gary Veneruzzo

#141    Bob Falkenberg                #142     Garry Unger                     #145    Gary Bauman

#148    Bill Goldsworthy              #149     Jean-Paul Parise              #157     Dave Amadio

#158    Howie Hughes                 #159      Bill Flett                            #174     George Swarbrick

#175    Joe Szura                          #176      Gary Smith                       #177     Barclay Plager

#178    Tim Ecclestone                #182      Bill McCreary                   #184     Andre Lacroix

#186    Jim Johnson                     #187      Simon Nolet                     #188     Joe Daley

#189    John Arbour                     #193      Keith McCreary               #195     Larry Mickey

#196    Bill Sutherland

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